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Website of the artist GEN Z

GEN Z french digital artist

Born in 1981, GEN Z is a self-taught digital artist who offers a fresh and poetic universe. GEN Z – singular, accomplished artist, lover of life, and the arts – is above all, a man with a unique view of the world. Exploring the possibilities offered by computer science, he developed his creative vocabulary to create a mean of personal artistic expression.

His schooling was deplorable and is very passionate about art. His curiosity and his sensitivity to any subject nourish abundant creativity, which he was able to express in the first place through drawing, painting, and photography. He then discovered digital art, which appeared to him as a revelation and offered him the opportunity to penetrate new artistic paths. Self-taught, he later developed a personal and intimate approach to the image.

Photo-manipulation? Intrinsically yes… but he does not want his images to leave the impression that they have been created by an (info) graphic designer. He likes when the technique used is as discreet as possible and never use premade filter or software effect ready. He uses his photographic elements as a painter uses his color palette. “Art is the engine of my actions!” Each work is unique. He likes his work to amaze and give everyone a different feeling.

To all the admirers of his works, GEN Z wishes to transmit them a feeling of freedom. “An artist must be free to create. Art is freedom. ” Creating is for him a way to escape, expressing, and sharing, he likes his art to be seen and admired! “One is born artist, one does not become it”. One is an artist deep within one’s self, one is an artist every second of one’s existence, that can not be learned in any book, it can not be improvised.“.

Find below the works of GEN Z shared by several Instagram hubs: There are groups of people taking pictures from all around the world. Their main objective is to help artists and inspire those who enjoy beautiful pictures. Often these hubs consist of a small group of people who take time out of their day to find content to share.