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About the visual artist GEN Z

Who is GEN Z french visual artist ?

I come from the west coast of France (Made in Breizh!) and I create dreamlike and poetic images. I am a self-taught Digital and Visual Artist, specializing in digital art based in Sérent, France. Initially, a painter with a touch of photography, I started creating digital works in 2017 at the age of 36.

I am a digital collage artist who creates poetic and surreal collages using Photoshop and PicsArt. My work imagines a poetic, melancholy world that can be filled with darkness. Full of stars, distant planets, cute animals, and pensive humans, my universe is an invitation to reflection.

My inspiration comes from a wide range of sources; I was particularly touched by Nature as a whole, poetry, surrealism, and philosophy. I try to use visual and non-visual sources throughout my work.

I have been addicted to art for many years, and it brought me a lot of joy but also disappointments. It was initially something I did for fun, but it gradually turned into a secondary activity alongside my job as a webmaster. Art bulimia invaded my daily life, and the creation very quickly became essential, vital!

The struggle to overcome the frustrations associated with artistic creation can bring such fulfillment when success is achieved. Seeing the inspiration your work can bring to others makes it worthwhile.

I love what I do, and each day is a new creative adventure.

In 5 questions …

1- Who are you?

A human seeking his place in this huge mess!

2- What is your background?

I have always created. I started drawing at a very early age, feeling the urge to express myself. At school, the only subject I felt good at, and that was able to make me feel like I was free, was Visual Arts. I then naturally chose the option History of Art for my bachelor’s degree, and then, I enrolled in an  art school in Nantes (AGR).

My dream was to be recognized as a painter. It didn’t turn out as planned in spite of some beautiful exhibitions like the one at the Theater of Aubervilliers for Nathalie Sarraute’s piece “Elle est là “; Directed by Didier Bezace with Pierre Arditi, Evelyne Bouix. I then took a little interest in photography before devoting myself entirely to digital art in 2017. An epiphany, I love it! I can almost create everything! My imagination is the limit!

3- What are your inspirations?

Nature, the Animal World, Poetry, Philosophy, Space, Surrealism, etc …

4- Anecdote of your artistic life

If I had to remember a moving and disconcerting moment, it is the one where I lost all my paintings … They were stored in my cellar. The humidity level was high, too high… everything was ruined… After that, I did not want to paint anymore, but still had this insane desire to create. I tried photography, but something was missing! I then discovered digital art: The perfect symbiosis between painting and photography! And now, I’m on for new artistic adventures!

5- Carte blanche to the visual artist in a few lines ..

I would like all humans to be touched by the grace of Art …

Passion: The creation of a poetic universe and/or who transmit a message
Defaults: A boiling brain and a good dose of dyspraxia
Qualities: A boiling brain and a woman who corrects errors due to my dyspraxia
Size: 180 cm

My motto: Make your disabilities a strength