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Do we need art? This essential superfluous !

The creation? Everything on Earth, starting with a creation, whether divine or a simple combination of favourable circumstances.

It is the art that makes the world a human world

Man himself has always had a thirst for creation, as soon as he knew how to make his first tools, he used them to protect himself from wild animals thanks to the invention of fire. He then made weapons to hunt and fish more efficiently, other tools to make clothes…

Primary, even vital needs! But the spirit of Man goes beyond his simple status as an animal, he is always in search of answers, always in search of beauty and inventiveness. So the Cro-Magnon created things that could be described as useless, he invented Art! He began to carve the rock, to decorate some cavities with paintings, to draw on the walls of caves, to carve blocks of stone…

As soon as there is humanity, there is art

This was the beginning of art history, since then Man has constantly found new artistic activities to satisfy his thirst for creation: architecture, music, literature, performing arts, photography, cinema, comics…. Creating is the hallmark of Man! Art responds to a specific need, distinct from biological needs: a need of the mind.

And like other homo sapiens friends, I like to make works that touch the senses and emotions of the audience. I was attracted to art at a very young age, at school already one of the subjects where I was the best was drawing. At the art history test, I had 18 out of 20 and then I went to a private art school (AGR, l’Ecole de l’Image) in Nantes.

The need for art is the need for spiritual elevation

I wanted to become a painter but despite some beautiful exhibitions such as the one at the Théâtre d’Aubervilliers for the play Elle est là, written by Nathalie Sarraute and performed by Didier Bezace, Pierre Arditi and his wife Evelyne Bouix. I finally gave up that dream to find a slightly safer job.

I continued to paint for a few years but one day I lost all my paintings, which decided me to stop painting. Then I tried photography a little bit but I thought it was lacking in creativity! So I tried photomanipulation and then, yeah, great!

I could really free my creative mind without being too limited by technique. I say that, there are some who will probably hit the roof but it’s the truth. From the beginning, with little experience in the field, I could already make assemblies that I would not be able to make with a brush.

After that it wasn’t great, it’s true! But by dint of doing it every day for two years, I am at 300 digital works (about a hundred of which are good to throw away), I have reached an honorable level. Today, technique and creativity work together and allow me to imagine interesting visuals, beautiful images.

A world without art would be inhuman

The desire to create is within me and will be present until I die. Eating, sleeping, loving, learning, discovering and of course creating, these are my six vital needs. Art is therefore an affirmation of the human freedom, a claim to existence made in the face of a world, dark and deaf. I write, paint, sing, so I am!

This need for invention is deeply rooted in our human nature, it is undoubtedly the expression of our freedom, our intelligence, our affectivity. It is a vital need to transcend our finiteness, to bring our personal mark to creation, to leave a trace of our passage, to contribute or complete the development of our personality, to communicate with our fellow human beings… It is therefore a fundamentally human act.

Art and nothing but art! It is he who allows us to live, who persuades us to live, who stimulates us to live.” (Friedrich Nietzsche – Human too human)

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