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Subligraphy process

In full reflection for a future exhibition

Future exposure project with the subligraphy process

I am currently thinking about exposing my workin real life“. I am in contact with a printer not far from my home who offered to reproduce my works via the subligraphy technique.

Subligraphy process :

What is the superiority of Subligraphy over other printing processes? Subligraphy is not a process of laminating printing or direct printing on aluminum. It uses aluminum plates specially prepared for this purpose: layers of polyester varnish are deposited beforehand on the surface of these plates. The process is executed in two stages: printing of a transfer print on special paper then hot pressing of the aluminum plate covered with the transfer print. Thus, the pigments of the inks deposited on the paper are diffused by contact and thermal sublimation in the thickness of the lacquer layers themselves. Of course, these layers of varnish are perfectly transparent and extremely resistant.

Advantage of Subligraphy process:

  • Very high number of shades of colors to reproduce,
  • Respect for the colorimetry desired by the artist,
  • Restitution of high values ​​of contrast,
  • Conversely, rendering the progressivity of the gradients,
  • Resolution of tiny details.
  • Very large color palette (comparable to the sRGB * space, rarely exceeded when printed),
  • Contrast among the highest of all the dies of draw (Dmax useful> 2,5 *),
  • Maximum respect of gradients thanks to the use of extremely efficient RIP,
  • Extremely fine detail reproduction due to the absence of a frame pattern.

Subligraphy and holding time

The brilliance, sharpness, high contrast and depth of the photos are striking. Sublimation can encapsulate the pigments in the layers of varnish, which protects them from tampering. Thanks to this process, the colors are very bright and do not fade with time. The plates reproduce, thanks to their multiple layers of gloss varnish, all the spectrum of the colors and the least detail. The photos on aluminum HD plates are much more beautiful than the originals on paper. You can even use outdoor HD aluminum plate prints.

It’s my turn to play now!

You can see via the picture included in the article a sample the printer sent me. I do not believe you can see the real quality on this page, as it must be seen live to appreciate the depth of colors and blacks. Specifically for the web, the picture has been compressed.

All that remains is to find an exhibition subject. But I already have a little idea in mind that should reach the greatest number. All I need to do is put myself to work to propose at least 15 to my printer. If, I get there, I will try to even mount up to 20 works! 😉

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