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Participation in the Werble Challenge #37 !

The developers at Werble contacted me because they liked my work, and wanted to create a challenge around my various images. For your information, the Werble application makes it easy to transform simple images into captivating animations with more than 1,000 effects available.

So the idea is to suggest to the users of their application to have fun trying to animate one of my images of their choice, and then they will simply publish the winners on their different media (social networks, site and application), while making sure to give me a full attribution of course.

Werble Challenge

Of course, I accepted the proposal right away and I can’t wait to see what people will do with my work! It’s quite fun and it gives me a lot of free visibility.

If you want to participate and have fun, simply:

  1. Go to this page: https://www.werbleapp.com/challenge.
  2. Save images to your camera (press and hold if you are in mobile mode).
  3. Create an animation using at least one of these images, and any other image or effect you want.
  4. Post the Creation on Instagram using this hashtag: #werblechallenge37

I will publish the name of the winner and finalists on this page. Let’s have some fun, see what we can create and explore the possibilities. Thanks for playing 😊👍

Challenge closes 6th Mar 2020 11:59pm UTC

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