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Displate Hand-crafted metal posters designed by Gen Z

Gen Z poster print collections | Displate

What is Displate ? It’s a website that offers metal frames to hang on the walls via a magnet. Displate posters are proposed in 3 sizes : M (45x32cm) , L (67,5x48cm) or XL (90x64cm). They are made of metal and you can choose a shiny or matt metal.

The whole frame is made of metal. This allows you to avoid having to be too precise when installing the magnet on the wall. In fact, the magnet is attached with a square sticker previously glued on your wall. The installation is very simple, it is accessible to children. It is a great system when you have to avoid making holes in your walls ! You will find a link to the video explanation -> “See how to install a metal poster“. This is also the page for you to purchase the mounting system alone. This is useful if you want to change your paintings from one place to another, you can’t use the same magnet if you have taken it off the original surface.

Displate Magnet Mounting Instructions

Here is how much you will not have to worry.

  • Your surface must be smooth and painted so that your metal board does not fall off.
  • Remember to clean the surface well with the wipe that is provided (as on the explanation guide earlier in this article).
  • If your wall is covered with wallpaper, Displate does not guarantee the long-term durability of the metal poster.
  • If your wall is made of stone, plaster or a non-smooth surface, you will have to bypass the no-nail, no-screw method and attach your magnet via this process.
  • Forget the bathroom or wet rooms right away. Although metal boards are treated and rust resistant, the problem lies in the strength of the magnet which will weaken more quickly if subjected to moisture.

I hope to have answered all your questions on the subject !

As an artist, being on Displate allows people who like my work to be able to buy it and get a unique piece for their home. It allows me to share my passion for art and that the countless hours spent creating is not in vain and gives my art the opportunity to be “magnetized” on walls around the world. And according to the sales I make, it allows me to know who likes the most and therefore to make series that people can collect.

In addition, Displate is a company that contributes to the environment, when you buy a poster, you help fight against deforestation since Displate allows to replant 1 tree per frame purchased (in Tanzania, as part of the Forest Garden project). This initiative is in perfect agreement with my environmental values. In short, Displate is a great quality gift idea for any occasion !

So here it is, if you like my work as well as trees, I let you visit my Displate profile ==> https://displate.com/Gen_Z__?art=5c519d3b90867

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