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Original & unique GEN Z NFT ART for you!

GEN Z NFT ART is on Marketplace !

  Gen Z NFT The art market is exploding thanks to NFTs (non-fungible tokens), these unique and inviolable digital identifiers that allow the authentication of any digital file (image, video, sound, tweet). Non-modifiable, they take the place of a certificate of authenticity and constitute a digital proof of origin and ownership of the files to which they are associated. I decided to start the adventure at the beginning of February 2022 by investing 250 euros, without really knowing where I was going… I have for the moment put 1 work on https://foundation.app/collection/cosmos-3692 and 34 on https://opensea.io/collection/petsanimalsplanetart. So I expect at least a return on investment!

After Facebook and Instagram, I am now obliged to be on Twitter, it is the place where the market of NFT is put in window. For the moment, I will confess frankly, I do not understand too much about this damn blue bird and for the moment no NFT sold … Would I ever sell one, I’m starting to wonder… If you like my works you can already find them on https://displate.com/Gen_Z__?art=5c519d3b90867 or https://www.icanvas.com/canvas-art-prints/artist/gen-z?product=canvas&sort=popular, regarding the reproductions on metal and canvas. Or, if you want to display them on your smartphone or tablet, this is the place to do it: https://www.zedge.net/profile/c66df8a2-82ea-47a1-86f8-970ba9c7cd05.

Feel free to go to my NFT profiles mentioned above and help an artist who is starting out in this digital field. And the more sales there will be, the more I’ll be able to reference new works on Foundation (space works) and Opensea (cute works of cats and dogs to adopt!). I hope that these works will touch you, will give you emotions, make your mind and imagination travel… Gen Z NFT Art is for you ! 🙂